Services begin at 10:30 a.m. and are held in Fellowship Hall at 1924 Cedar St. in Berkeley.


April 26: Music That Moves You
Nanci Armstrong-Temple, Worship Leader

How does music move you? Is music a means to a spiritual experience, or the experience itself? Worship leader Nanci Armstrong-Temple, Worship associate Jeff Palmer, and Music leader Dominic Jeffries, along with special guest performers, will take you on a musical journey with music that moves them, religious, secular and transcendent. Please join us, and bring your rhythm and voice, as all are welcome to participate in many aspects of the service.

May 3: The Meaning of Money
Rev. Theresa Novak, Worship Leader

What does money mean to you?  It can't buy love, but what can it do?  As Unitarian Universalists we try to live our values in the world.  Do we spend money in ways that also reflect those values?   This will be the kick off of the spring stewardship drive will will run through the end of May.

May 10: Real Mothers
Rev. Theresa Novak, Worship Leader
On this Mother's Day Sunday we will explore what motherhood means.  Can any of us really live up to the Hallmark images?  We will also look at some of the history of this holiday.  It might surprise you.

May 17: A Bad Rap
Rev. Theresa Novak, Worship Leader
The Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists has a fairly terrible reputation as a dysfunctional congregation prone to conflict and extremely hostile to ministers.  Is there any truth to this?  What can we do to change our image?  Do we want to?  We will also welcome some of our new members during this service.