Services begin at 10:30 a.m. and are held in Fellowship Hall at 1924 Cedar St. in Berkeley.


March 8: Not Dogmatic, but not Wishy-Washy
Rev. Theresa Novak, Worship Leader
Many people today say that they are spiritual but not religious. What does that mean for the future of Unitarian Universalism?  We are a big tent faith, but does that mean all of us just believe whatever we want?  What holds us together?   

March 15: The Gospel Truth
Rev. Theresa Novak, Worship Leader

Did St. Patrick really drive the snakes from Ireland?  Did David write the Psalms?  What kind of conversations might we have with friends and relatives who may be Biblical literalists? A little knowledge of modern Biblical scholarship can be helpful to all of us as we try to navigate a world where too many people think they have the one and only truth. 

March 22: Nature is My Church - Love is My Religion
Rocky Morrison, Worship Leader
A random encounter with a bumper sticker provides some provocation for reflecting on the meaning of church and religion. What does it all mean? What is important?

March 29: It's All About Us
Moses Channels, Worship Leader

We humans are born with all the neurological tools needed to build a loving community. So why don't we? What stops us from loving and caring for each other? Why do we often feel competitive, jealous, and judgmental towards each other? New and exciting research provides greater insight into the biological foundations of love and hate in our relationships with one another, and how we may "pilot" our feelings towards building better relationships within a loving community.