Services begin at 10:30 a.m. and are held in Fellowship Hall at 1924 Cedar St. in Berkeley.


October 26:  Day of the Dead

Holly Harwood, Worship Leader

In this interactive service we will honor our loved ones who have died. If you wish, please bring a photo to place on our altar.

November 2:  Promises Promises
Rev. Theresa Novak, Worship Leader
Rocky Morrison, Worship Associate

What does it mean to be a covenantal rather than a credal faith? What do we promise each other? What happens when we fail to live up to what we have promised?

November 9:  TBD

November 16:  Make Mine Music
Moses Channels, Worship Leader
Tom McAninley, Worship Associate

I will explore ways in which music can radically and permanently change our mood, our outlook and our life.

November 23:  Saying Thanks in a Troubled World
Rocky Morrison, Worship Leader
Holly Harwood, Worship Associate

How can we give thanks with so much trouble in our world? Wars, diseases, political dysfuncvtion, homelessness and hunger seem to plague our planet. How can we be thankful?