Services begin at 10:30 a.m. and are held in Fellowship Hall at 1924 Cedar St. in Berkeley.


March 29: It's All About Us

Moses Channels, Worship Leader
We humans are born with all the neurological tools needed to build a loving community. So why don't we? What stops us from loving and caring for each other? Why do we often feel competitive, jealous, and judgmental towards each other? New and exciting research provides greater insight into the biological foundations of love and hate in our relationships with one another, and how we may "pilot" our feelings towards building better relationships within a loving community.

April 5 - Rolling Away the Stone
Reverend Theresa Novak, Worship Leader

How can the traditional Easter story speak to us as Unitarian Universalists?  Most of us simply do not believe in the bodily resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth or that he died for our sins.  What, then, can Easter mean?  Is it more than Spring?  Can we roll away the stones that are in the way of our own resurrections?  

April 12 - Tending Our Garden - Flower Communion

We will celebrate the annual flower communion during this intergenerational service.  Please bring flowers to share.  The annual meeting will follow the service.