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Faith development and fostering a connection to Unitarian Universalism don't occur only on Sunday mornings. Parents and families are important religious educators. What families do at home has an impact on the faith development of all family members. BFUU is here to support you on the journey! We welcome families of all kinds to be a part of the BFUU community.


The following are some resources to help your family integrate Unitarian Universalism into your identity and practice:

  • "What Does a Unitarian Universalist Home Look Like?" an article by the Reverend Phillip Lund, offers some great ideas for concretizing the Unitarian Universalist principles and sources in your home.
  • The centerpiece of every Unitarian Universalist home is a chalice! You don't have to spend a lot of money on one, though. Your family can make their own. Click here for several chalice-making ideas.

Make a day of it! Come to BFUU for worship, religious exploration classes, and lunch, and then spend the afternoon doing one of these fun family activities suggested by members of our congregation.


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