Adult Religious Exploration

Also known as Lifespan Learning. 

Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists offers a wide array of programs for all ages that enrich and deepen the lives of our community. If you have an idea for a Lifespan Learning event, workshop, class, or group please submit the proposal form by the appropriate deadline. Scroll down towards the end of this page for more details.

Tuesdays Together: a Lifespan Religious Exploration program

Each Tuesday we start off with a potluck and circle worship from 6 - 7 pm in the Connie Barbour Room. (Please bring a dish to share or a small monetary contribution.) At 7 pm everyone splits off to either a committee meeting or an enrichment activity. 

Lifespan Learning Mission Statement:
 Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists offers programs, classes, and groups that nurture and challenge our hearts, minds and bodies.   We learn, grow, and explore together as Unitarian Universalists, drawing from many sources of creativity and wisdom. 

Value statements:
  • We believe in respectful sharing and importance of respecting other traditions
  • We respect all abilities, genders, ages, ethnicities, and sexual orientations/preferences as well as the individual’s right to self-identify. 
  • We believe properly grounded creative pursuits, intellectual inquiry, and physical activity can be spiritual practice, especially when done in religious community.  
  • We believe that congregations are learning places and there are many ways of learning that support the life of the congregation.
  • All are welcome to take part in Lifespan Learning at BFUU. 
  • Programming must be in line with Lifespan Learning’s Mission Statement and Values.
  • Groups, classes and programs must have a sponsor who is a current member of Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists. 
  • Proposals must be turned in by appropriate deadlines and vetted by Religious Exploration/Lifespan Learning Committee. 
  • First Sunday in March for Summer Proposals (sometime in June through August), Decision by Third Sunday.
  • First Sunday in April for Fall Proposals (sometime in September through December), Decision by Third Sunday.
  • First Sunday in October for Spring Proposals (sometime in January through May), Decision by Third Sunday.
  •  Decision-making meeting is open to those making proposals.