wheelchair30x30TLoop no text30The Fellowship Hall (1924 Cedar St) is accessible by a ramp on the Bonita Avenue side of the Hall, and has a T-Loop system to enhance audio for those with hearing aids.

Upcoming Worship Services

BFUU Fellowship Hall 1924 Cedar Street
(at the corner of Cedar St. and Bonita Ave.)


OvertheRainbowMarkGunnApril 28: After Exodus: Our Call, Our Response
Rev. Dr. Carrie Knowles, Worship Leader
Yesterday was the last day of Passover, a time that commemorates the Israelites' exodus from their enslavement in Egypt and journey to the Promised Land. This Bible story is myth, not history–yet for centuries it has been a template for liberation and justice. Rev. Dr. Carrie Knowles considers our challenge as Americans in these turbulent times as our values face attack. Exodus tells us, getting out of bad times is one thing–getting to a better place requires even greater effort and the efforts of new generations. (photo by Mark Gunn)
May 5: Aligning Our Menus with Our Values
Jay Quigley, Guest Speaker
Jay Quigley will discuss the devastating impacts of animal agriculture on the planet and the ethical imperative to rebuild our broken food system. He will introduce the new Green Sunday initiative.
Dr. Jay Quigley is a polymath based in Oakland. He spends ample free time advocating for animals through various means, including lobbying for animal protection legislation in East Bay cities. He also has an anti-speciesist music project called Quite the idea. By day he works as a software engineer at Omada Health, a tech company that coaches people with diabetes and hypertension toward healthier living. In 2015, he earned a Ph.D. in moral philosophy from Florida State University, where he gave a TEDx talk called "Ending the suffering of billions: overcoming speciesism", which has been viewed nearly 28,000 times. During his last three years before leaving Florida, he was an active member of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Tallahassee.

May 12: Our Mothers’ Legacy
Jeff Palmer, Lay Worship Leader
Our word for the person who gave us birth is mother and our name for the planet which nourishes us is Mother Earth. They both create a legacy of holding and sustaining us, helping us to grow and thrive. What can we do to express our gratitude on Mother’s Day? In our family, we call or send flowers and a card. Maybe take a mom out to lunch. How can we join with all our siblings worldwide to promote the health of Mother Earth on this special day?
May 19: Our Homogeneous Home
Rev. Marsh Agobert, Worship Leader
Following our recent examination of the differences between homogeneous cultures (those comprised of like persons) and heterogeneous cultures (made of a mix of peoples) we’ll now take a look at the homogeneous community of BFUU to better understand how this effects us now and in the near future.
May 26: “Moses” of Maryland: The Sainthood of Harriet Tubman
Rev. Dr. Carrie Knowles, Worship Leader
As Memorial Day approaches, Rev. Dr. Carrie Knowles will honor the life of one of the most revered women in American history. Long known for leading slaves to freedom via the Underground Railroad, Harriet Tubman served the Union as armed scout and spy in the Civil War, fought for women’s suffrage, and founded a home for “aged and indigent colored people.” Enshrined as a saint in both the Episcopal and Lutheran church, she had been scheduled to appear on the US $20 bill until the plan was blocked by the current U.S. Treasury Secretary.