BFUU Sunday Services 10:30 AM

Fellowship Hall

1924 Cedar Street

(at the corner of Cedar St. and Bonita Ave. - ramp on Bonita Ave.)

August 27: Good Dog, Bad Dog, Which Shall I Feed?
Rev. Dr. Carrie Knowles, Worship Leader
Rev. Dr. Carrie Knowles considers the question of the nature of evil, how we experience it within ourselves and outside of ourselves, and how we may feed one side or the other by the acts of our lives.
September 3 Water Communion

Rev. Elena Rose Vera, Worship Leader
The waters of the world cycle through spring and cloud, river and sea, lake and dew, through living creatures and our own bodies. Join Rev. Elena Rose Vera as we celebrate the Unitarian Universalist tradition of Water Communion, where we bring together the waters of our own lives as tributaries to a great shared reservoir of community. Please feel welcome to bring a vessel of water from somewhere you have visited or that is of personal significance to you.

September 10: Helpers and Heroes: the Sept. 11th Legacy
Holly Harwood, Lay Worship Leader
During a disaster, a time when most people are frozen in shock, the helpers and heroes jump into action. Where does their courage come from? In the aftermath of terrorism, how do we turn our grief and rage into effective action for peace? How do we keep from hating? How do we heal? We will explore these questions as we remember the heroes and helpers of Sept. 11th.

September 17: Spiritual Sentience
Rev. Marsh Agobert, Worship Leader
What is sentience? It was once thought, in the western world at least, to be the dividing line between humans and all other living creatures (save God, for those who accepted that possibility). Are WE the only sentient beings on earth? Is there even one more species that is sentient in our galaxy, or perhaps in the vastness of The Universe? Are WE sentient? Do you care?
If you’re curious, show up for this. If you’re not the least bit curious…well, maybe there’s a good reason for that too.

September 24: Let’s Play!
Claire Eustace, Guest Worship Leader
We all benefit from play! Some of us recovering or still serious people need tools to help us integrate more play into our daily lives. This participatory service will include forms learned through InterPlay workshops. InterPlay is an affirmative movement and storytelling modality that helps integrate body, mind, and spirit. Practicing InterPlay forms is one way to counter stress and cynicism so that we can be strong warriors for peace.

Claire Eustace is a Unitarian Universalist ministerial candidate and recent graduate of Pacific School of Religion. She currently learns and serves as a chaplain resident at St. Francis Memorial Hospital in San Francisco. Claire worked as an environmental planner, trusts & estates attorney, and consumer advocate in energy policy before accepting her call to ministry. She is a lifelong UU, likes to cook, make art and dance, and lives with her partner and child in Oakland.