BFUU Open Mic

BFUU is proud to host a Community Open Mic Night the second Friday of each month.

Next Open Mic: Friday, February 13

Fellowship Hall - 1924 Cedar St (at Bonita Ave) - Wheelchair Accessible

Note to Musicians/Performers: Sign-up begins at 6:30 PM
Featured artists perform around 8:30 PM

Berkeley Fellowship Open Mic Featured Artists John Koch and Ronnie London
Friday, February 13 at 7 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall — 1924 Cedar St.

John Koch and Ronnie London are a duo who have performed together since the 1980s, singing rock, folk, blues and swing. They started Cayenne, a Bay Area wedding / party band, as two of the three featured vocalists and sang "anything we could do in harmony that folks could dance to". John currently plays with Jump-In, doing folk & oldies, and with StoneTrout, a retro-rock  / originals band. Ronnie is with Berkeley Broadway Singers and collaborates with others as well.

February's host, Hali Hammer, is an award winning singer-songwriter who enjoys writing and playing a wide variety of music. She has sung and played for peace and political causes for over three decades and is an active member of Freedom Song Network. Her diverse work (and play) have made her comfortable performing with all age groups, from preschoolers to senior citizens.
Hali Hammer Official Website:


Sign-up for performers begins at 6:30 pm.

First come, first choice of 10-minute slots, available all evening or until the slots fill up.
Suggested donations of $5–10 help BFUU cover expenses. No one is turned away for lack of funds! Volunteers appreciated. Food and drinks are available for a small donation.

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Our rotating hosts:
vicsadotguitar halihammer hassaunboundlessgratitude
Vic Sadot Hali Hammer Boundless Gratitude (Hassaun Ali Jones-Bey)
Lauren Renee Hotchkiss
Lauren Renée Hotchkiss

Previous open mic performing artists include:

Country Joe, Josh Gallup, Josie Gallup, Holly Harwood, Mike Lendenney, Eric on violin, Carolyn Scarr, Mike Leslie, Pam Wilson, George Johnson, Belinda & Saundra, JJ and George, Steve Stahl, Wendy Bartlett, Frances Hillyard, Molly Thomas, Tulley, Steve Munoz, Winston Montgomery, Kevin, Ken Hammond, Joey from Hawaii, Dan Cunningham, Diane Amar, Saffell, JJ Jenkins, Ava Bird, Dennis, Jeremy Lyon, Steven Troxler, Alex Stein, Strumming for Vets, Ron D., Elmer Pudd, Plane Floyd, Gregg, Ron Greenstein, Spirit Flute, Roger, Peace Monkeys (Lorraine Lerman & Clyde Leland), Hobbyhorse, Mary Dewey-Wagner, Marvino, Boonduck, Dada, Bud Miles, Terri Compost, Grace Wood, Evie McKnight, Wobbly Woman, Zach Sorgen, Bud Miles, Hank Goode, Kat & Alex, John & Dave, Gregg, Aerin Monroe, Anthony Bello, and Rob Sherman.

Sponsored by the BFUU Social Justice Committee. Special appreciation to Gail Penso and David, Michael Harris, Cynthia Johnson, and our rotating hosts for their support in making each month a memorable event.

We welcome your volunteer time and energy and any donations to support live music amid social justice.

Country Joe McDonald’s

“Monthly Open Mic”

Thursday! Oct. 8, 2009 at 7 PM at the BFUU

Musicians Note: Lottery sign-up for performers begins at 6:30 pm sharp!

Get your name into the hat! Pick your time spot when your name is called.

The legendary “Country Joe” is best known for his Woodstock performance, social justice &anti-war songs, Woody Guthrie & Florence Nightengale tributes, and Berkeley community spirit.

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Vic Sadot will Host & Sing Out!

Vic is a singer-songwriter in the “roots & struggle” tradition of songwriters like Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Phil Ochs, and Bob Dylan. Since arriving in Berkeley last fall Vic has learned to make and post music videos on line.

Our “Featured Artist” for OCTOBER 2009:

Evie McKnight

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Evie McKinght is a prolific and humorous singer-songwriter based in Berkeley, CA.

She performs her own folk songs and plays in a jazz band called Mother of Pearl.

Evie is currently working in local studios to complete a CD to be titled “Pirate’s Cove”.

Evie McKnight at MySpace:

Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists (BFUU) Hall

1924 Cedar Street (at Bonita St)

Wheelchair Accessible: Yes!

1 block west of MLK Way / 2 blocks east of Shattuck in North Berkeley

Suggested donations of $5 – 10 will benefit

the BFUU & cover expenses.

No one is turned away for lack of funds!

Note: Volunteers are needed to post flyers, set up & take down chairs, staff our snack bar,wash dishes, etc. Pot luck & beverage donations welcome! Together, we can accomplish what we cannot do alone!