Core Connexion

Core Connexion meets on Wednesday nights at BFUU in the Fellowship Hall at 7 p.m.

What is Core Connexion?

In the dance we can reconnect with the aliveness and creative potential that lies at the core of all of us - at the core of all living beings. Core Connexion is a practice which - through dance and expression - reconnects us to our core - the essence - and which inspires and transforms people all over the globe.

At the core of every body is the dance. Dance and movement are affirmations of the mystery, the variety, and the wonder of life. Without movement, our bodies degenerate. Slowly we lose our vitality and our potential for full creative expression. Through movement, we can touch the gifts, talents, wisdom, and resources that are stored inside our bodies. When dance is used authentically, we experience our bodies in the present moment.

Core Connexion is a movement and expressive arts practice, designed to renew the joy of fully inhabiting our bodies and connect body, mind, heart and spirit. By telling our personal stories in creative ways we reinhabit our bodies and gain new resources for our daily lives and ways to listen to our soul's inner promptings. Beyond our physical body, our emotions and thoughts lies a field of infinite, creative potential. Through the Core Connexion process we can also access this potential, and get in touch with the universal life energy that dances at the core of everything.

Core Connexion is a very deep, embodied but playful way of reconnecting  to the natural life force within ourselves.coreconnextionsfeet

Playfulness in combination with deep processes unites us with or natural resources and self healing processes in body, psyche and spirit. It also makes us aware of our place in the order of the universe.

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