Building Usage

BFUU offers a central location for community group meetings, presentations or gatherings, for private celebrations or memorials, religious services, gatherings or rites, rehearsals, recitals and performances. We offer wi-fi internet access, a digital projector, and projector screen for use in all rooms, and a full audio system with the ability to record your event in the Fellowship Hall.

Please submit a request to use one of our rooms. Contact the BFUU office at 510 841-4824 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your questions. Download our Room Use Agreement.

The BFUU facility consists of two buildings at the corner of Cedar and Bonita: our main Fellowship Hall (1924 Cedar St.) and, just behind it, our Education Building (1606 Bonita Ave.). The lower floor of the Education Building houses the BFUU Office and the New School of Berkeley; and the upper floor has three additional rooms available for community use -- the Connie Barbour Room, the Fireside Room, and the Benjy Room.

2014 BFUU Rooms Hourly Donation Table*
Room sq. ft. Maximum Capacity Mon-Fri
Fellowship Hall 1,700 175 $80/hr $100/hr $100/hr $100/hr
Connie Barbour Room 750 60 $45/hr $45/hr $45/hr $40/hr
Fireside Room 750 50 $40/hr $40/hr $40/hr $35/hr
Benjy Room 335 20 $35/hr $30/hr $30/hr $25/hr

*Rates subject to change. Rentals subject to availability. All rentals require a damage deposit and may require additional deposits. Proof of insurance and/or an insurance rider may be required.
BFUU offers a discount on Fellowship Hall rentals for 501(c)(3) non-profits.  Inquire about on-going and rehearsal rates.



Fellowship Hall

The BFUU Fellowship Hall is the place we hold our Sunday Services and it is very special to us. The main hall is approximately 1700 sq. ft. (36' x 48'), with a slightly raised and recessed stage/chancel (6'8" x 17'4") on the east wall, a small kitchen and serving alcove on the west wall, a separate foyer at the front door, and another side entrance room with a wheelchair accessible ramp. A grand piano, chairs, tables, and lecturn are available for your use. There are two restrooms directly off the Hall. The Fellowship Hall is particularly suitable for larger audiences with a speaker, performance or presentations or practice (capacity 100 seated audience), sit-down dinners (capacity 80 seats with tables), larger receptions and stand-up affairs, memorials and religious services or rites, and large group meetings. Maximum capacity is 175 people.

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Education Building

Connie Barbour Room

The BFUU Connie Barbour Room, also known as the "smaller hall" or the "yoga room", is an open space suitable for a variety of uses. Chairs can be left stacked against the wall or arranged for circle-style or audience-style use. An upright piano is available for use. A small kitchenette is available in the hall beside the room. Restroom available. It is 750 sq. ft. (24' x 32'), on the second floor - not wheelchair accessible, and maximum capacity is 60.

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Fireside Room

The BFUU Fireside Room provides a cozy spot for groups as small as 5 or 6, or as large as 30. The room is divided into three sections. It is furnished comfortably with easy chairs and couches around a coffee table. This room is especially nice for conversation groups, small receptions, memorials and celebrations as well as small meetings. A small kitchenette is available in the hall beside the room. Restroom available. The room is 750 sq. ft. (16' x 48', divisible into 18' + 16' + 14'), it is on the second floor - not wheelchair accessible, and maximum capacity is 50.

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Benjy Room

The BFUU Benjy Room, also known as the Children’s Room or the Art Room, is an intimate space furnished with a couch, chairs and a coffee table. There are additional chairs available for your use. The room also has a sink, coffee maker and microwave. It is 335 sq. ft. (approx. 17'-19'), on the second floor - not wheelchair accessible, and maximum capacity is 20.

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Room Request

(Please note that not all events are listed on the calendar, and an open time might not be actually available.)